Gator Relocated to Animal Park After Second Visit to Florida Air Force Base

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A large alligator was relocated to an alligator zoo in Palmdale, Florida, after he returned to the MacDill Air Force Base near Tampa following a previous visit.

Footage published by the MacDill Air Force Base shows the reptile being released at the Gatorama animal park in Palmdale.

The MacDill Air Force Base said that the alligator, which measures 12 foot 3 inches long, was spotted wandering around the base on Wednesday, May 15.

The alligator previously had to be relocated off the base to the Hillsborough River after it turned up on the base’s tarmac in April.

The alligator was renamed “MacDill” by the animal park to “pay homage to his origins,” MacDill Air Force Base said. Credit: MacDill Air Force Base via Storyful