Bad Friends

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5 個月前
Friends are supposed to be the ones we turn to when things go wrong, the ones who catch us when we fall – the friends in this video didn’t seem to get that memo! You have to admit, sometimes the sight of a sleeping friend conjures thoughts of pranks you could pull on them…or is that just me?
Mark2 小時前
Great plan. That will surely stop the coverage in the age of...更多
johnBrian1 小時前
The UN cannot call their hoax global warming anymore.
LaVelle4 小時前
Pandas are very smart and beautiful creatures.
AL6 小時前
This is news? Snow in Flagstaff? Guess what? It snows at th...更多
Geoff H7 小時前
That's the result of good coaching and good parenting. Well-...更多