Idlib Artist Remembers Seven Years of War in Syria with Mural to East Ghouta
A Syrian artist in Idlib province remembered seven years of war in Syria with a mural unveiled on March 17 to the people living through a deadly offensive in East Ghouta.In this footage, Jumaa Musa shows a series of drawn panels across a wall in the town of Kafar Takharim, located in Idlib province in Syria.In one panel, a boy asks his uncle to write a poem about food because he is hungry. In another, speech bubbles floating above graves express the hopes and dreams of the people killed.A third panel shows a green bus, like those used by the Syrian government to transport people out of East Ghouta, with a red X drawn across it, and the words “Your buses won’t work.” Credit: Jumaa Musa via Storyful