Masked Arsonists Set Fire to Epoch Times Printing Press in Hong Kong

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8 個月前

A group of masked arsonists set fire to a printing press belonging to The Epoch Times in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, on November 19, in a move that the paper has called “the latest effort by the Chinese Communist Party to silence The Epoch Times.”

This security camera footage shows the incident. According to the paper’s statement, four men stormed into the facility at around 3.40 am as staff were preparing to send a new edition to the stands, ordered everyone not to move, and spread flammable liquid on the floor before torching the facility.

The fire was extinguished by the sprinkler system and workers seen in the video. Local police launched an investigation in the aftermath.

The paper condemned the arson attack in strongly worded editorials in both its English and Chinese editions, saying it was in retaliation for The Epoch Times’ reporting on the ongoing Hong Kong pro-democracy protests.

The Epoch Times, described in 2018 by Buzzfeed as “one of [Donald] Trump’s biggest defenders,” was founded in 2000 by individuals with connections to Falun Gong, a group that champions meditation and qigong exercises.

Described as a “spiritual practice,” Falun Gong is suppressed in China, and Amnesty international has alleged that human rights violations have been carried out against its adherents by the Chinese government.

In 2004, The Epoch Times published a series of editorials entitled Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, strictly criticizing the Chinese government. Credit: The Epoch Times via Storyful

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    Correction "Masked protestors Set Fire to Epoch Times Printing Press in Hong Kong", Yahoo should let Senators see it.
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    elson l
    A lot of pro-China comments here. I'll give you a quick history lesson.

    UK returned Hong Kong to China in 1997. China promised to not meddle in its affair for 50 years. It has only been 22. Over the years, China made little moves here and there but nothing big.
    Earlier this year, a Hong Kong guy killed his girlfriend in Taiwan. He came back to Hong Kong. Confessed to the crime. Hong Kong can't do anything because the crime occurred outside their jurisdiction. Taiwan can't extradite because they don't have a treaty with China due to the fact that China refuses to recognize Taiwan as a country.
    A Hong Kong politician proposed a bill that would amend their current extradition laws. But the wording was so broad, it would allow China to extradite anyone (citizen or tourist) from Hong Kong to China. Now, China has a history of lying and framing people. So the Hong Kong youth who has known freedom all their lives are not going to let this bill pass. Hence the protests. Now, onto the shadiness

    Hong Kong authority released a photo of a captured protester after the protesters destroyed a government building. But someone noticed that the captured protester's watch was pointing at a much earlier time (before the destruction).

    Various people captured videos of masked Hong Kong police speaking to each other with dialects from China and not Hong Kong.

    The local airport was destroyed so international journalists are having trouble coming into the country.

    Multiple journalists have been "accidentally" shot with pellet guns even though they were nowhere near the protesters. Many of these events were caught on tape.

    The triad started beating protesters. Someone captured a photo of one of the triad leader talking to a politician afterward.

    China moved troops into Hong Kong to "help out."

    Hong Kong police have been arresting workers at private malls because they wouldn't let the police in. Literally, the police have been coming into private property without warrant to arrest protesters.
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    Well that's why you ban masks but nope it's what the high courts wanted and that's what people will have to live with.
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    Man Kong
    Masked Arsonists Set Fire to Epoch Times Printing Press in Hong Kong -

    See the comedy.
    See what the professionals were doing. See how the workers reacted to the attack.
    See how the fire was set, It was set on the floor and a roll of paper. Why not pour the gas on the machine and set fire on it?
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    Chef Of The Future
    This is a complete laugh. These guys walk in (centered for the camera) planning to burn something, and they're calm as anything. They strolled in. They didn't even really look around. Not even peaking around to see if there are people present or in the area. Sure, the production values are OK, but the acting is completely unbelievable. Total false flag and SO OBVIOUS about it, that I couldn't stop laughing for a full minute.
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    David B
    On a purely legal basis, what these people have done is are the IDENTICAL actions from the so-called "protesters". The fact that the US media is handling this quite differently speaks directly to the very obvious agenda that the US has, and in many ways, actually proves the accusations made (that the US is the party responsible for directing the actions of the "protesters"). The evidence presented by this article, itself, is that IDENTICAL ACTIONS OCCURRING IN THE SAME EXACT REGION...are somehow reported differently. The double standard is impossible to avoid.
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    Epoch Times operate circulation in Singapore has no details of contact . What are they hiding ? For all i read was condemnation of PRCs. There are two sides of a coin and reader can make distinction.
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    Milk Tea
    If Epoch Times think burning down places is wrong but it did not condemn those rioter when they going around burning and destroying public and private properties?
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    Man Kong
    Masked Arsonists Set Fire to Epoch Times Printing Press in Hong Kong -

    It is hard to trace for masked thugs and these four shouldn't be common people like me and you.
    Falun Gong is developed into a kind of "Religion" claiming their leader has super powers like God. After this religion gathered thousands of believers to haunt the government, China stopped their activities and declared this religion as evil. Now, it is based in Canada.
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    Wow! The factory equipped with so many cameras that can cover the process of the incident from different angles and the workers are so calm to handle the situation. Well done!