Police Union Voices Opposition as Bill de Blasio Launches Bid for Presidency (FILE)

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8 個月前

Protesters gathered outside the Good Morning America studios in Times Square on May 16 as New York Mayor Bill de Blasio made an appearance to announce his candidacy for president of the United States.

Members of the New York City Police Benevolent Association, which represents 50,000 active and retired officers, held orange foam fingers with the word ‘liar’ on them, and chanted “bad for the city, bad for the country.” Credit: NYC PBA via Storyful

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    It's not like de Blasio has a chance. If he was nominated it would be a guaranteed win for Trump...
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    Election hasn't even started yet and he lost N.Y. already.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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    The police hate him and I don't blame them. He has made them a target with his last Police Commissioner policy of broken windows, the city has suffered under him. We paid out millions to people who think they hit lotto when a family member is injured, while committing a crime. His wife is a real headache and she has a high paying position.
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    This is funny. De Bozo's own police force can not stand him. His constituents can not stand him in his own city and he thought he could become president. Now that is funny. Bye Bozo. Hopefully, you will be voted out as mayor!!!!!!
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    anyone but trump, right ?
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    Another clown democrat joins the circus.
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    What is the story behind this protest?
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    The voice of reason
    Apparently current news is on the short side at Yayhoo. We are getting news reruns from Yahoo everyday now. Their news page consists of 25% articles from People, 25% from Celebrity, 25% about Antonio Brown and the rest anti Trump articles.
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    DEBOZO's own police department hates him, and what he stand for, PATHETIC>
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How about making sure it could fly first.
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