How to make Homemade Küchel (German Doughnut)

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Küchel a German Doughnut is a great Dessert, you can eat it plain dusted with Powdered Sugar or fill them with your favorite Jam or Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. Küchel Ingredients: 1 cup Milk, lukewarm 4 tbsp Butter, melted 3 tbsp Sugar 1 pkg (9gr) Vanilla Sugar 1/4 tsp Salt 1 tsp Rum 500 gr Flour 1 pkg Yeast 2 Eggs, room temp 2-3 tbsp EVO Oil for coating 30 oz Oil for frying Powdered Sugar Combine Milk, Butter, Sugar, Vanilla Sugar, Salt, Rum, Flour, Yeast & Eggs. Use Dough Hooks and knead with Mixer until dough comes together. Lightly oil a large bowl. Place dough ball inside and coat with Oil. Cover with towel, dough rise until doubled. (in a warm place) Divide dough in 12 equal pieces. Shape each piece into a ball. Place on oiled cookie sheet, coat lightly with Oil. Cover with towel and rest for 45 minutes. Heat the Oil in a med sized pot, bubbles should appear when wooden spoon is placed inside. Shape & stretch the dough ball, thin in the middle thick around the border. Carefully place one at a time in Oil, spoon Oil over the dough to puff up. Flip when golden, (try not to get Oil inside the Küchel) continue frying until other side is golden. Note: the cooking will go fast. Cool Küchel on Wire rack. Before serving dust with Powdered Sugar, optional to fill with Jam or Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. Enjoy!