Police Chase Loose Pony Around Tuscaloosa Neighborhood

1 年前

Newly released footage shows police chasing a loose pony around a neighborhood in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on Monday, March 20.

According to a post on the Tuscaloosa Police Department Facebook page, police received a call about the pony, whom they named Ginuwine, “hanging out” in a neighborhood at around 10 pm.

When officers arrived at the scene, they tried to tempt Ginuwine with “pizza crusts or peppermints,” but the pony was unwilling to go with the officers.

The officers ended up in a nearly two-hour-long “low-speed foot pursuit,” following Ginuwine up and down driveways and through people’s backyards until he “allowed himself to be caught,” the post said.

Footage released by police includes bodycam video showing the officers chasing and attempting to catch the pony, as well as stables at Therapeutic Riding of Tuscaloosa, where Ginuwine was being held until the animal’s owners came forward. Credit: Tuscaloosa Police Department via Storyful