Woman cheats death during train trip in Sri Lanka

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3 年前
A heart-stopping video has emerged of a woman narrowly avoiding getting hit by a huge rock while on a train in Sri Lanka. The footage, shot in October last year, captures the moment Sarah, travel blogger from Nomadic Dreamer, nearly hits her head on a rock as she leans outside the carriage to take a video. "Taking a beautiful train ride across Sri Lanka. In my attempt to get a nice video for my blog, I ended up being 0.2 seconds away from getting smashed by this huge rock that appeared from behind me," Sarah wrote online. "I am one happy girl to be alive.." she added.
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    what rock?
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    Equinsu Ocha
    She didn't cheat death, she tried to commit suicide via stupidity
  • F
    Naive thing to do. She will be a bit more careful after that lesson. No call for the nasty comments
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    ah..that must be the reason they install eats on trains
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    Savoire Faire
    The rock actually appeared in front of you, airhead. It wasn't sneaking up. I think you are definitely in the right job - blogging for backpackers.
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    Rock?it was greenery stuff.
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  • m
    never mind the rock did you hear the dinosaur ? :O/
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    Idiot darwin awards moron was not even looking forward, and would have been pulled stright under
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    She should have said ".....I ended up being 0.2 seconds from getting the coveted Darwin award."
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