No plan to ban AI music on Spotify, CEO says

10 個月前

STORY: When asked in an interview whether the streaming giant plans to impose a ban on the use of AI, Ek said a ban is not on the horizon.

"It wouldn't even surprise me that if we look at the top chart of Spotify today, that there's legitimate use of AI done by artists,” he said, citing the well-established use of AI in auto tuned songs.

Earlier in 2023, AI was used to produce a song mimicking the voices of artists Drake and The Weeknd, called “Heart on My Sleeve.” The popular song was subsequently removed from Spotify.

Commenting on the case, Ek said artists should be able to decide how they are represented in their music and lyrics.

The AI-produced song was “not a positive experience, not something we think should exist,” Ek said, adding that he is against creators being able to monetize such songs.

Spotify Technology announced on Monday (September 25) that the company is testing an AI-powered feature that will translate podcasts from the likes of Dax Shepard and Lex Fridman to other languages.