Thousands visit Rome's 'enchanted forest' ahead of Christmas

STORY: Children and adults explored nearly a mile of flowers, hedges and trees in the enchanted gardens on a "magical, festive journey", according to the Botanical Garden of Rome.

''Wonderful, a beautiful thing. Here it feels like a little Japan, whereas over there I felt like I was in the House of Flying Daggers. Wonderful. Here one becomes young again, one becomes a kid again'', 60-year-old Rome resident, Anna Frangella, said.

As the sun set, the garden lit up with colourful Christmas LEDs, creating projections and laser displays such as 'the 'Cathedral of Light'', ''the Kaleidoscope'', ''the Laser World'' and ''the Field of Light''.

The ticketed exhibition, entitled Incanto di Luci (Enchantment of Lights), runs until January 8.