Bonobo Ape's Cute Shenanigans: Pulling Baby Brother in the Grass

5,891 次觀看・9 個月前
The mischievous adolescent bonobo decided to have some fun by dragging his half-brother, Baby Upendi, across the grass. He seemed eager to play with Upendi, but it was clear that the little one was trying to get away. Eventually, Upendi managed to break free and sought refuge with their nearby mother. Surprisingly, the adult females allowed the playful antics to continue. In no time, the young bonobo caught up with Upendi again, playfully grabbing his little foot and initiating another interaction. However, it appeared that Upendi was overwhelmed by the rough play and tried to escape once more. Undeterred, the adolescent bonobo held onto his foot, engaging in a playful struggle. Although Upendi managed to escape once more, the older bonobo then took his hand and encouraged him to walk together. #Bonobo #BonoboApe #BonoboBaby Stay tuned and never miss a moment! Subscribe to my channel and enable all notifications to be the first to know when new videos are released.