Spain's women players rejoin soccer squad after boycott

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STORY: Spain’s World Cup winning women’s squad agreed to end their boycott of the national team on Wednesday (September 20).

That's after the country’s football federation, or RFEF, said it would make, quote, "immediate and profound changes" to its structure.

The players' revolt was triggered after former RFEF chief Luis Rubiales kissed forward Jenni Hermoso on the lips following Spain's World Cup victory.

She disputed his insistence the kiss was consensual, sparking a national debate about macho culture in sport which eventually led to Rubiales's resignation.

The commitment from the RFEF was reached after seven hours of talks between players, federation officials, the National Sports Council known as the CSD, and the women's players' union.

The players had said they would not represent Spain until there were further changes at the federation.

Here's CSD President Victor Francos:

"...I have to be honest, the players are experiencing a complicated moment, not less so than everyone else in this negotiation, and I think it's good news to be able to say the Spanish women's team will play, with guarantees, and hopefully victories, these next two games. It's what we all want."

No top officials elaborated on the changes to be made, only saying they would be announced "soon."

On Monday, before ending their boycott, most of the Women's World Cup winners were selected for upcoming games.

The players said in a joint statement they would take the "best decision" for their future and health, after they studied the legal implications of being included in a squad list they had asked to be left off.

However, 20 players who said they were boycotting the team did report for training on Tuesday (September 19)

Two have since decided to leave the squad.

Spain are set to make their debut in the Women's Nations League against Sweden on Friday (September 22).