Air and Ground Crews Tackle California Wildfire in Dramatic Video

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8 個月前

Ground and air crews working together on September 20 brought a wildfire burning in California’s Placer County under control.

Video released by the California firefighting authorities shows air tankers swoop low over the field where crews were working. The video was taken by CAL FIRE and Placer County Firefighters.

The fire was successfully 100 percent contained after first growing to 614 acres, authorities reported. Credit: CAL FIRE NEU via Storyful

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    El Presidente
    This happened in Placer County off of Baseline Road. Yes, this is a grass fire, which seems harmless. But the reason for large reaction is the massive line of homes and elementary school less than a mile away that can't be seen through the smoke. This area is a wind tunnel and these grass fires spread fast. Great job to the firefighters for handling this!!
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    Keep up the good work!
  • C
    Hero service men!
  • f
    THANKS to all our firefighters! WE love you!
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    N. PA
    The rest of the nation has pretty much had enough of California.
  • R
    Due to CLIMATE PANICK Oregon was prepared for the MOST DISASTROUS Fire Season EVER --I MEAN EVER FOLKS, just like the world was beginning to end.....that prediction like so many did work out & near as I can tell California hasn't burned to the ground this year either.......dang Climate Predictors were wrong again
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    N. PA
    Every day, it's California this, or California that … And none of it good.
  • P
    Y are they using aircraft firefighting to fight level grass fire. What a wast of taxpayers money.
  • L
    Logical Thinking
    The fire dept there are a joke much of the time, first of all those fire trucks that cost 100s of thousands are worthless most of the time, buy water trucks like dirt race tracks and construction companies use. I lived through and seen many fire in Ca, I have watched the useless fire trucks sit there as they hold little water and cannot work in open areas, one time there were many fire trucks just sitting there, a guy in a water truck drove into the area on fire, turned on the sprayers and put the fire out, upon leaving he and others told the fireman to get rid of their useless trucks, you can buy dozens of water trucks for the price of 1 fire truck, meaning you can attack the fire in 12 places at once, or have a truck sitting on the sidelines.
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    Just me
    Too bad it didn't continue thru Sacramento. The state really needs a fresh start.
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