Blue Lives Matter Flag Set Alight on Burned Out Wreck of NYPD Van

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1 個月前

Protesters in Brooklyn, New York, set fire to a blue lives matter flag during demonstrations on May 29 sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis days earlier.

This video shows protesters torching the flag, symbolic of support for police officers. The flag was draped over a burned out New York Police Department van.

The Brooklyn protest was one of many held in major cities around the US after video circulated of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pinning Floyd, a black 46-year-old, to the ground with his knee on Floyd’s neck on May 25. Floyd died soon after.

Chauvin, since fired by Minneapolis police, was arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter on May 29. Credit: Alya Albert via Storyful

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    Tom W
    A lot of folks are changing their views on 2A the last few days.
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    Calvin Mcd. 2041
    Tangerine Lives Matter too.
  • D
    Yep, nothing says Social Justice like destroying public property bought at taxpayer expense.
  • P
    Pepper Brooks.
    As it should, it's distorted representation of the American Flag, it does not symbolize the spirit of America.
  • M
    Blue lives matter? Swastikas matter too, I suppose. Goose steppers matter, too, right?
  • C
    Black guns matter....
  • J
    We aill win and you will lose we are more people than white people
  • R
    Dont act like you dont see all those whie people out there looting steeling and vandalizing private property.
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    The Dallas Dan Band
    Just lovely
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Johnny Vegas11 小時前
BS. The cops need to be supported and #$%$ losers like these...更多
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