Counter-Protesters Move Toward Militia Members in Stone Mountain Stand Off

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5 個月前

Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park was closed ahead of an anticipated militia rally on Saturday, August 15, city officials stated.

Despite this, opposing groups of protesters squared off at the park throughout Saturday.

This video shows counter-protesters marching towards demonstrators clad in camouflage gear and sporting US and Confederate flags. Gerald A. Griggs, an attorney and activist who captured this footage, says in the video that counter-protesters were “driving the Three Percenters [militia members] home.”

In other sections of the footage, counter-protesters can be heard chanting: “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA.”

According to local reports, the counter-protesters included “a broad coalition of leftist anti-racist groups.”

Reuters reported that in July the Three Percenters militia applied to hold a rally “to defend and protect our history and Second Amendment rights," though this was denied by state officials who cited violence at a similar event in 2016 as the reason for their refusal. Credit: Gerald A. Griggs via Storyful

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