Daring Surfers Ride Frigid Lake Ontario Waves During Snowstorm

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3 個月前

The Toronto waterfront was an unexpected place to spot surfers on Wednesday, February 26, as 4.5 inches (11.4 cm) of snow fell on the Canadian city, according to reports.

The NOAA measured wave heights near 10 feet at Lake Ontario on Wednesday.

Twenty-three-foot waves were forecast to sweep the lake on Friday, as a snow squall was expected to hit Toronto.

Danielle Bourgon shared this video from Wednesday afternoon. She was taking a walk with her dog Zuzu through Marie Curtis Park on the edge of Lake Ontario. According to Bourgon, Zuzu, who normally doesn’t bark, “didn’t realize” that the two figures in the water were humans in wetsuits surfing the crashing waves. Zuzu “was warning me that danger was afoot!” Bourgon said in a message to Storyful. Credit: Danielle Bourgon via Storyful

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    I remember I would be getting ready to go out and surf in a rainstorm and people would actually ask me, "You're not going to surf in the rain are you? You'll get soaking wet."
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Democrats destroy more cities another night.
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