Students Not Impressed as 'Cricket Invasion' Hits UNT Campus

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1 個月前

The University of North Texas (UNT) didn’t escape unscathed as a cricket “invasion” hit the region in early October.

UNT student Aryana Bosh shot footage on October 6 showing large numbers of the insects outside the exit of UNT’s Legends Hall, while another student posted footage of numerous crickets in the University’s Santa Fe Square said to be shot the evening before.

One fellow UNT student joked in response to Bosh’s tweet that this meant the crickets “couldn’t find parking spots either.” The reason for the plethora of crickets in the region, according to Texas A&M urban entomologist Dr Mike Merchant, is a change in the weather.

He told local media that “as the weather starts to turn and cooler weather brings rain we should expect these crickets to start showing up in a lot of places.” Credit: Aryana Bosh via Storyful

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