Couple surprise guests at their engagement party by getting married there and then

1 年前

A couple surprised their guests at their engagement party by getting married there and then - after they planned the ceremony in just three months.

Kat Goldie, 23, and her partner, Connor, 24, decided to combine their engagement party, housewarming and wedding all in one after the pressure of planning a traditional white wedding became "too much".

The couple gathered all their friends and family at their new home before announcing they were all actually there to witness their marriage.

The guests were whisked away on a coach to the venue, just a few miles down the road, while Kat and Connor got ready with their bridesmaids and groomsmen - who had been in on the surprise.

The pair had their golden retriever, Gordon, as a ring bearer and held a big house party afterwards at their new home.

Kat said it was a "perfect day" and they are glad they decided to combine the celebrations.

Kat, who works in contract administration for a construction company, from Redlands, Brisbane, Australia, said: “We were going to plan a big traditional wedding but it just seemed like so much pressure.

“We weren’t even going to have an engagement party but we decided to combine them all and surprise everyone.

“We were still just as nervous.

“I knew my nan, Jan, 76, would have an amazing reaction and she did.

“It was perfect the way that we did it.”