“I fell in love with my law professor – now we’re happily married with kids”

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A woman fell in love with her law professor while she was his student - and they are now happily married with three children. Tesa Carandang, 30, wasn’t expecting to find her husband when she enrolled in law school. Her professor, Carlo Brian Carandang, 37, fell for his student and approached Tesa at a party - and asked her out for a coffee. Tesa said Carlo “wasn’t her type” at first but she thought he was “handsome” and her feelings grew as they got to know each other. Carlo continued to teach Tesa while they were dating - and said their relationship was “supported” by her classmates, despite some teasing. A year after they started dating, Carols proposed after “knowing she was the one” and the couple were “surprised” to find out they were pregnant. They tied the knot and gave birth to their son CJ, now seven, in November of the same year, Esa, two, in March 2021, and Lia, six-months-old, in September 2022. Tesa, a stay-at-home-mum, from Bohol Island, Philippines, said: “I found him handsome but he wasn’t my type. “I found him sophisticated and that wasn’t my type. “Later on I developed feelings for him. “It was awkward for us – dating your professor. “At first we tried to keep it hidden. “But my classmates observed him looking at me. “Everything fell into place.” Carlo, a professor and lawyer, said: “I found her very pretty. “I had a strong attraction from the beginning. “I didn’t have any plans to get married until I was about 35. “But it all just fell into place. “I just knew. “It worked out much better than I ever imagined.” Carlo spotted Tesa on her first day at Holy Name university, Tagbilaran, Philippines, in June 2013 and requested her assistance at an event to honour new lawyers. Tesa said: “We were introduced to the faculty leaders and when it was Carlos turn my first impression of him was that he was tall and handsome. “And I thought ‘he’s husband material’. “Then I got married to him.” Tesa missed the honouring event as she was late but Carlo approached her at the after party in August 2013. Tesa said: “He approached me and asked – ‘how old are you?’ “I told him 20 and said ‘how about you sir?’ “His response was ‘that’s fine, our age gap is fine.’ “He was 27 at the time.” Carlo asked Tesa for a midnight coffee at McDonalds and they went out again the next day. Despite Tesa not thinking Carlo was her “type” her feelings grew as they got to know each other. She said: “I found out he was family orientated and a gentleman. “You have this checklist for the man you hope to meet and he was ticking the boxes.” The pair started officially dating in September 2013 and tried to keep their relationship on the down low. Carlo said: “Apparently it was obvious to some of the students.” Tesa said: “They would tease us but they were supportive.” Tesa continued with her studies while dating Carlo and he popped the question in September 2014. The pair started planning the wedding but were surprised when they found out they were pregnant in March 2015. Tesa said: “It was unexpected. “Before Carlo I was a big career women but when I met him that changed. “I didn’t imagine my life would be this way. “My tummy was so big at the wedding.” The happy couple wed in July 2015 and Tesa gave birth to her son CJ in November 2015 – and left her law studies behind. She said: “I didn’t imagine getting married and becoming a mum so young but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. “I love being a mum.” Tesa and Carlo now have two daughters – Esa, two, and Lia, six-months-old. They say their seven year age gap has never been a “biggie” and is not “uncommon” in the Philippines. Tesa said: “I’m happy with my family. “I didn’t imagine would be this way but I’m happy.”