Everything You Need to Know About Rosanna Arquette’s New Podcast ‘Radical Musings’

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2 個月前
I thought I wanted a boyfriend, but it turns out I just needed a new podcast to keep me company. #FalseAlarm. Rosanna Arquette’s new audio series “Radical Musings With Rosanna Arquette” from Audio Up is the perfect way to feel engaged and connected to life beyond the COVID bubble. That’s right. Arquette, long known for her career as an actress, filmmaker and activist, has added ‘Podcast Host’ to her résumé, which already reads longer than a CVS receipt. Luckily, the “Pulp Fiction” star had no issue adapting to her new life as a podcaster. “I really love interviewing people,” she told WrapWomen, reminiscing on the years she spent interviewing artists backstage at Coachella. “It’s a hobby and a passion so [the podcast] happened kind of naturally.”