Natalya Neidhart on Why ‘Total Divas’ Name Didn’t Change After WWE Started Calling Women ‘Superstars’

The Wrap
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2 年前
Natalya Neidhart doesn’t know why the name of “Total Divas” didn’t change to reflect WWE’s decision to rebrand the franchise’s Women’s Championship title. But the E! reality series star does know that there were discussions about swapping out the “Divas” when the female champs suddenly became “Superstars” back in 2016. “You know, I’m not sure actually,” Neidhart told TheWrap. “I’ve heard different rumblings. I’ve heard that, you know, [‘Total Divas’ co-star and executive producer] Nikki Bella had talked about it openly and said, you know, she wanted to change the name, and that we should go from ‘Divas’ to something else.” But the Neidhart says she wouldn’t be against taking the “Diva” out of the show’s title. Or coming up with a new name altogether.