Humpback Whale Disentangles Itself From Rope

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5 年前
A humpback whale spotted off Newport Beach and Dana Point in California appears to be the same whale that had previously been seen entangled in bait traps and fishing line since August, according to officials from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Officials are using photographs and video showing distinctive markings to confirm that it is the same whale and that the animal is free..Dana Point Whale Watching provided the following information: Happy ending to this story. The humpback whale in this video taken by our own Captain Frank Brennan with his DJI Drone is named Scarlet or “CRC-11227” for scientific purposes. She has been entangled in the rope on her left pectoral fin since August. According to recent news it seems as though she has disentangled herself and is free from the rope. Take a look at the Orange County Register article for more information and background here. Credit: Dana Point Whale Watching
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