Red Haze Slows Traffic as Dust Storm Sweeps Across Australian City

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1 個月前

A dust storm whipped up by strong winds from ex-Tropical Cyclone Mangga blanketed the Western Australian port of Geraldton and surrounding areas in a red haze on May 24.

This video, posted to Twitter by Miles Obst, shows cars moving at a slow pace through a thick cloud of red dust.

“We’re taking a fair bit to find our way through at the moment,” Obst says in the video. “Down to 40 kilometers an hour on a main route, Brand Highway.”

The powerful storm wreaked havoc along the Western Australian coast, damaging property and leaving tens of thousands without power, according to the ABC.

The Bureau of Meteorology said the strongest gust was clocked at 126 km/h. Large waves and higher than normal tides caused significant beach erosion, it said. Credit: Miles Obst via Storyful

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