Adorable Baby Elephant Struggles On Through Thick Mud

9 個月前
The video shows a baby elephant working hard to walk through a deep muddy river crossing and keeping up with its family in the African wild. A great example of determination and great will power to keep going. Baby elephants are just so cute and to see the largest land mammal on this planet in baby form is always a memorable experience. On the other hand, being a baby elephant in the African wild is probably not that cute all the time. Starting life as a new-born for any animal in the African wild is a great challenge. A legion of obstacles and dangers are around you every day and it is all about paying attention to the adults and do what is needed to survive. Elephants are constant feeders, and they are also constantly on the move after greener pastures. These giants travel huge distances and as a baby elephant, with way shorter legs than the adults, you must keep up on the journeys. These journeys through the African wild are loaded with obstacles and challenges such as land predators, dangerous deep river crossings filled with crocodiles and navigating tough terrain through mountains and valleys. As a baby elephant, you must keep up, no matter the situation. This video shows one of the many obstacles baby elephants must face. I was on safari in the Kruger National Park when we saw a herd of elephants in a hurry to cross a river. The river crossing was literally just thick mud with some water on the top. In the herd there was this tiny, adorable baby elephant. The elephants marched on through the mud and so did the baby elephant. While the adults looked like they managed it easy, the baby elephants had to really work hard to get rough the thick mud and keep up with its family. The baby elephant showed no sign of giving up even though it had a few bumpy moments during the crossing. What an adorable sight of a baby elephant showing that no matter what, we must keep going. The baby elephant eventually managed all the way through the crossing, and we were pleased to see the little one getting to the other side all by itself. Of course, if the baby elephant would have gotten stuck, there would have been immediate assistance form the adults.