Watch as four-year-old survives fall from back of a bus

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5 年前
A four-year-old has been filmed falling out of the back of a moving bus in Arkansas. She was taken to hospital and treated for a broken jaw.
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    How on earth did that happen? Hope she makes a full recovery.
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    mas g
    Unbelievable! Glad she is okay (despite the injuries) -- I would have wanted to find the bloomin driver is that was my child. Christ..... SAFETY!!!!
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    And next time, pay the bloody fare - got that?
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    Looks like someone forgot to lock the back access door of the bus. Notice how the bus keeps going so someone was not keeping an eye on her.
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    Un-fruckin-believable!!! Parents should be prosecuted!!!
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    Had Enough
    Poor little girl, thank God the car driver was on the ball and quick to help. May she make a full and swift recovery x.
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    should he not have picked her up?
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    Why was her parents not watching her ? The bus kept on travelling down the road , luckily enough for her the driver who followed saw what happened and came to her rescue,well done to him ,I hope she soon recovers ,the parents and the bus driver should be held responsible for this total neglect
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