Baby Has Priceless Response to Twin Sister's Bawling

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6 個月前

Newborn twin Gabrielle had a hilarious reaction to her sister Adrienne crying on July 15, staring across at her with a look of bewilderment and curiosity.

The moment was captured in San Antonio, Texas, by their mom, Ariana Castillo, who tweeted the video and wrote: “Typical morning for the twinkies.”

Castillo told Storyful that the babies had just finished eating and wanted more, so she fed them before they fell asleep. She added that “they are one month old and very sassy already, so someone is usually making a face.” Credit: Ariana Castillo via Storyful

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    How adorable, poor baby crying and the twin not knowing what’s going on....
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    Twin babies are so fun to watch! They are funny and don't even know it!
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    Newborns need to cry a lot and very loudly because it exercises their hearts and lungs. They aren't always hungry or wet or even upset, it's just a method of adjusting to life on the outside of mama. I don't like to see them wrapped up tightly for too long at a time either, because the thrashing about, waving their arms and kicking their legs is a way to strengthen their muscles & skeleton, too.
    It may bother some people, but nobody ever said that child raising is easy, it's just worth it.
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    veeeeeeeeeery slow news day.
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    Quiet sister - "See what happens when you let her out?"
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    If you had brought the two together, the other one would have stopped crying immediately. Anyone who has experienced that would know. I found it a bit disturbing to helplessly watch.
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    Linda Magallanes
    tooo adorable
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