Basset Hound Stranded in Tennessee Floods Lifted to Safety by Construction Crew

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3 個月前

A “big old fat” basset hound stuck in the Tennessee River in Chattanooga was lifted to safety by a construction crew on February 19, local media reported.

The dog, named Buddy, was trapped in some brush along the banks of the river.

His rescue by local construction workers was posted to Facebook by the Hamilton County Special Tactics and Rescue Services (STARS), a network of first responders.

In one of the videos, the workers can be heard commenting on the “big old fat basset” as their colleague gently scoots the hefty pooch up the ladder rung by rung.

“Shout out to one of our own Jon Nash and his J Cumby construction coworkers today helping to rescue a dog that was stuck in the Tennessee River,” STARS wrote on Facebook. “While our team wasn’t there we are proud of our L.T. and his crew today. Great Job!!!”

Buddy was safe and back with his owners at the time of writing, local media reported. Credit: Hamilton County Special Tactics and Rescue Services via Storyful

  • D
    Special thanks to the construction crew who successfully rescued the basset hound!
  • j
    Thank you for rescuing that old guy. He looks adorable. Love Bassets. You guys are great!
  • D
    Wow, thanks to the construction crew for the rescue of the Bassett Hound, they can't swim. Their bodies are too heavy and long. He's one lucky dog!
  • S
    God bless you guys for helping this precious baby out of a very dangerous are ALL awesome!!!
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    Anyone that would help animals is an amazing person! thank you!!
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    Thank you guys for helping this dog.
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    thank you. i have a old basset hound. i would like to think some one would help him.
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    way to go Bassetts are cool !
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    A huge hug for those guys. Isn't it wonderful to read a really good story in the midst of all the others. Those men have a kind heart and God bless them all. Their kindness will be rewarded. Hats off to them.
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    So happy the dog was saved, kudos to the construction guys.
Harry Baals14 小時前
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Ronald3 小時前
None of them working that day then ........hmmm .........