Bull Elk Lets Out Haunting Bugle Call on Lawn of Hotel That Inspired 'The Shining'

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1 個月前

A bull elk let out his eerie bugle call while standing among a herd of females on the lawn of the historic Stanley Hotel – the resort in Estes Park, Colorado, that inspired Stephen King’s The Shining – on September 25,

Elk had reportedly overrun the town, as peak autumnal rutting season got underway.

Upon seeing the elk herd at the Stanley, Colorado Parks & Wildlife tweeted: “This bull elk is making sure all guests staying at the @StanleyHotel in @TownofEstesPark know that this is his harem!”

According to a September 23 report, 2020 rutting season was in full swing.

Each year elk herds move from Rocky Mountain National Park into the city for mating. Police encouraged tourists to not approach the large bulls, who could get aggressive during the season. Credit: Colorado Parks & Wildlife – Northeast Division via Storyful