Golden Retriever's first 2 years of life documented in heart-warming clip

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5 個月前
Angus the Purebred Golden retriever hasn’t been on this Earth for long, but he has gone and been to more places then some humans have. From his early days as a puppy, when he first felt the sand between his toes and the salty water on his back, in the crisp waters on southern Australia. He soon finds his favorite hobbies as a young pup, one being digging! And burying his own head into the wet gold earth. Keeping his human very busy in his early years filling in all the holes he would dig daily. It’s hard to be upset a measly hole when it’s created by something so cute and fluffy. The beach becomes his most favorite place where he plays daily. Digging more holes in the sand and long runs along the shoreline followed by numerous dips in the ocean to cool down. You’ll often find Angus lounging on the couch at nights amongst the humans in which you could say he truly does think he may be one of them the way he gazers at the television and lounges in front of the open fire place in the cooler winter nights. Watch as he swings in the hammock and cruise on the Rivers 60 foot sailing boat. This dog certainly is living it’s best life! 2 years of his adventurous life in 2 minutes, it’s bound to make you want to be where he is right now.
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    There is nothing like a Lab!😘