'Hey Siri, Where Are the Terrorists?': Outrage as Apple Assistant Directs Users to Police Stations

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2 個月前

Apple has come under fire from social media users and police after a series of videos posted online showed its virtual assistant, Siri, recommending police stations when asked about the location of terrorists.

In this video, Nate Ferrier, president of the Kings County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, asks Siri, “Where are the terrorists?” Siri responds by suggesting five police departments in California.

“This was brought to our attention this evening and we tested it. Sure enough this is real,” the Kings County Deputy Sheriff’s Association post said. “According to Siri and Apple, law enforcement are now considered terrorists … How is this acceptable and how is this happening in America?”

A number of similar videos were posted on social media overnight on September 22-23. Some users reported that within hours of the videos being published, Siri was no longer including police stations in the results when asked about terrorists.

Apple has been contacted for comment. Credit: Kings County Deputy Sheriff’s Association via Storyful