Bear Darts in Front of Car on New Hampshire Road

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7 個月前

A bear tested a motorist’s reflexes as it darted out on the road in Bedford, New Hampshire, as shown in a video posted to YouTube on October 14.

Anthony Lambert was driving back to his house after watching some football with friends when he had a very close call with a black bear that emerged from a front yard on the left side of the road.

Lambert’s dashcam footage captured the incident, showing the bear scamper out in front of his vehicle, hesitate for a moment, and then continue to run to the other side of the street and into the woods.

When Lambert arrived at his house a few moments after the video was recorded, he told Storyful that the same bear was wandering around his property.

“Once I got to the corner of my house, I knew where he would come out of the woods. He sure didn’t disappoint. Came out right where I thought he would,” Lambert told Storyful.

After taking some photos and observing the bear for a while, Lambert went inside and enjoyed what was left of his evening. Lambert, his vehicle, and the bear were all unharmed. Credit: Anthony Lambert via Storyful

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