Drone Footage Shows Large Fires Overnight in Minneapolis

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1 個月前

Drone footage taken in the early hours of May 28 captured fires burning in Minneapolis after protests against the police killing of George Floyd turned violent.

This video captured fires burning in the vicinity of an AutoZone on East Lake Street, near a Target that was ransacked overnight.

Video taken the following morning showed the AutoZone lying in ruins. Also destroyed overnight was a six-story affordable housing development that had been under construction.

Protests in Minneapolis and other American cities have grown in the days since Floyd’s death on May 25.

Video taken at the scene of his arrest showed Floyd, 46, slip out of consciousness as a police officer, identified as Derek Chauvin, forced his knee into Floyd’s neck while pinning him to the street. Credit: @ianrahs via Storyful

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    Why did all these law enforcement people spoke out before the riots occurred. May the people who have felt the empathy as well knew something is being done.
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    It's time to start taking the city back or give it to thew #ANIMALS on the streets! But there is going to be many hurt and some may be killed in the process. #Animals understand only one thing..............VIOLENCE ! !
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    Sad, it was probably quieter in the M. E. last night.
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