Heavy Snow Covers LA County as Warnings Issued Over Dangerous Conditions

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8 個月前

Heavy snow covered California’s Los Angeles County on November 28 as the National Weather Service issued warnings for dangerous wintry conditions and up to two feet of snow,

In a video shared by Michael Dubron, a firefighter paramedic, snow is seen falling fast on a white landscape and a helicopter in Lancaster. “Please be safe dangerous conditions right now,” Dubron wrote.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department urged drivers to slow down as it said there had been a few traffic collisions on the morning of November 28. Credit: Michael Dubron via Storyful

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    Los Angeles County is by no means "covered" with snow. A few isolated areas got an inch or two. The rest got rain.
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    Los Angeles County meets Kern County at the top of the Tejon pass at 4100 feet so it does snow there a lot.
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    Los Angeles County, not the city. There are mountains in LA county you know.
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    George J
    Basically Just A FAKE NEWS HEADLINE Meant To Make People Believe That Snow Covered All Of Los Angeles County! When Only A Tiny Portion Of Los Angeles County Had Any Snow At All
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    Old Lefty
    Snow falling in Lancaster is not heavy snow covering Los Angeles County. Lancaster is a town in the high desert. It's population is only a small part of Los Angeles County. All of the City of Los Angeles DID NOT have snowfall. Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Pomona, just about everything south of the mountains remained snow free. This is another false headline. It's no wonder the news media is held in such low regard
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    Do NOT eat the yellow snow.
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    Time for tougher snow control laws..
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    Governor Newsome blamed the snow on climate change and called for more taxes.
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    There will now be a snow tax. Californians will emphatically vote in favor of this tax!
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    Dramatization of everything. The snow occurs in the high desert and mountains to the east and north of LA. These areas are also part of LA County.
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