'Heroic' Man Saves Driver From Car That Exploded Into Flames

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21 天前

A man in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, has been hailed as a hero by emergency services, after he pulled another man from a vehicle that exploded into flames on November 1.

Edward Cyr was honored by the fire service in Stafford Springs for his action in saving Glennwood Little, whose car exploded while he was driving through the center of the town.

Video of the incident shows the moment the vehicle exploded, and Cyr pulling over and running to the burning car. Emergency services arrived soon after.

“[On] what looked to be a basic night out for dinner with his wife, Edward Cyr performed a very heroic act. Without regard for his own safety, he pulled the driver from a burning car which just exploded as he turned the corner,” Chief David Lucia said. Credit: Stafford Fire Department No. 1 via Storyful

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