Mimicking Magpie Delivers Pitch-Perfect Rooster Crow at Sunrise as Cat Watches On

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8 個月前

A tame magpie delivered a pitch-perfect rooster impersonation – crowing at sunrise in Broke, New South Wales, on May 15.

Samantha Jayne Fernance filmed this video, which shows Morty the Australian magpie imitating a barnyard fowl while perched on a wooden fence. A pet cat, Omo, sits next to the bird, seemingly undisturbed by the rendition.

The native magpies are renowned mimics, delivering renditions of sounds such as sirens and popular songs.

Fernance told Storyful that she had cared for the magpie since 2018, when it was a “young chick”, alongside seven cats and two dogs.

“We did have quite a few roosters at one stage which I’d say is why he crows,” she added. Credit: Samantha Jayne Fernance via Storyful

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