Mom to the Rescue: Squirrel Saves Her Baby After it Falls From Tree
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A heroic mother squirrel rescued her baby after it fell from a tree in Garland, Texas, on August 11, and resident Brian Parks was able to catch the moment up close with one of his home surveillance cameras.Parks told Storyful he was playing golf in his front yard when he spotted the baby squirrel squirming around under a tree. He left the camera down next to it to try to capture the rescue. “It worked!” Parks said.The footage shows the baby squirrel on the ground moments before its mother appears. The mother squirrel then maneuvers the baby into a safe position its in mouth and leaps back up the tree.Wildlife experts recommend that people avoid intervening if they find baby squirrel is found away from its nest, except to guide the squirrel close to its nesting tree where its mother can find it. Credit: Brian Parks via Storyful