Wagonload of puppies captures the hearts of veterinary technicians

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1 個月前
Veterinary technicians have one of the most wonderful jobs imaginable. Their days are filled with visits from people with dogs, cats, and other beautiful pets. Anyone with a love for animals would be envious of those who enjoy such an occupation. And as fun as their typical days are, a visit from a new litter of puppies like these golden retrievers makes the day even better. These vet techs at Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital in were thrilled to hear the the puppies from As Good As Gold breeders were coming for their checkups. Who can resist a bunch of fluffy puppies like these? The puppies are as energetic as they are adorable and keeping them all together is a feat. Their owner brought them to the clinic in a wagon that is perfect for the job. The entire clinic was overjoyed at this wagon full of cuteness and they all gushed over them through the entire visit. They all received a clean bill of health and made their way to the door to go home. The techs all gathered around to see them off!