Demonstrators March in Paris During Ninth Day of Nationwide Protests

1 年前

Protesters marched through the streets of Paris on Thursday, March 23, during the ninth day of nationwide demonstrations over pension reforms in France.

Thursday’s strike saw train traffic disrupted, airports affected, and teachers and students walking out, while rolling strikes continued at oil depots and garbage collection centers, France 24 reported.

The CGT union said 800,000 people joined demonstrations in Paris, the highest figure put forward by the union since the start of the protests, according to reports.

Footage captured by Louis Pisano shows protesters marching, singing, and waving banners in the streets of Paris. According to Pisano, police threw tear gas into the crowds.

Demonstrations ramped up nationwide since Macron used a constitutional provision to force through reforms without a parliamentary vote. Credit: Louis Pisano via Storyful