Sea Lion Injured by Plastic Returned to the Wild After Recovery

1 年前

A sea lion that was wounded by industrial plastic was returned to sea in Argentina on May 30, after spending three weeks in recovery.

The Mundo Marino Foundation, based in San Clemente del Tuyu, said the young male was found on May 11 with a deep wound on its neck from a plastic strap typically used in industrial packaging.

Veterinarian Bianca Mancini said the animal was treated with antibiotics and anti-anemics.

“In addition, the wound healed very quickly after the series of dressings that we carried out,” she said. “Along with the fact that he showed a good attitude and maintained a good body condition, the little sea lion showed that he was already fit to return to the sea.”

Footage shows the sea lion being released back to the ocean along with two other animals, and his rescue and injuries weeks prior. Credit: Mundo Marino Foundation via Storyful