Toronto Zoo Snow Leopard Strikes a Pose in Wintry Setting

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A snow leopard at the Toronto Zoo struck a peaceful pose in his enclosure on Thursday, January 26, after several inches of snow fell in the area.

According to Environment Canada, parts of the city received between 11 and 22 cm (4.3 to 8.6 inches) of snow on Wednesday night.

On Thursday, Ontario Provincial Police warned drivers to slow down on roads as snow cleanup efforts continued.

This footage of nine-year-old Pemba was captured by Courtney Dunn, who said she recorded the video using cameras operated by Zoolife, a zoo streaming service, in the Toronto Zoo on Thursday morning.

According to a Facebook live video posted by the zoo, Pemba arrived to the zoo from Calgary at the end of November 2021. Credit: Zoolife/Toronto Zoo via Storyful