'The Whole Sky Is on Fire': Tasmanian Sky Lights Up With Stunning Aurora Australis

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An aurora chaser said he was blown away on March 23, when an “absolutely stunning” display of southern lights visible to the naked eye lit up the sky over Franklin, Tasmania.

David Finlay called the spectacle “mind blowing”. He told Storyful that the show was “easily the best and most spectacular display of aurora australis I’ve seen in the 23 years I’ve been chasing them across Australia.”

In the video, red and green light can be seen shimmering over Franklin, while Finlay can be heard saying, “The whole sky is on fire.”

“During the intense part of the storm the colors were easily visible to the naked eye,” he said. “At one point the southern sky looked like it was on fire, with beams and ripples of light, and dramatic rapid pulsing, and waves of aurora light.” Credit: David Finlay via Storyful